Holy Zelda, Ohio State University Marching Band’s Tribute To Video Games Is All Kinds Of Awesome

In late September, we showed you Florida State University’s marching band tribute to Game of Thrones. We were pretty sure that would be the nerdiest tribute to a nerdy thing performed by a group of nerd musicians we’d see the rest of our lives. Two weeks later, Ohio State University slayed the king.

The Best Damn Band in the Land, as they’re known, performed a tribute to video games during halftime of the Buckeyes win over Nebraska Huskers, with special attention paid to Space Invaders, Pokemon, Mario, Halo, and Zelda. But they didn’t just play the themes for the games; they acted out scenes and formed our characters.

If Ohio State girls were smart, they went for the guys who played Pikachu’s nose last night, not the QB.

(Via Reddit)