Honda Invents a Vital Piece of Gizmoduck’s Armor

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04.12.10 8 Comments

Blathering Blatherskite!

You wouldn’t think that DuckTales cosplayers and people who just stone cold hate walking would have much intersection on a Venn diagram. And until recently, you’d be right, but leave it to the Japanese to fix this grievous oversight in human relations.

Hey, at least it’s a better reason than Honda’s for the U3-X “personal mobility prototype” (because they just can’t come out and SAY “robot unicycle”). Even as Honda is promoting this thing, they’re basically saying, “Look, we have no idea what the market for this thing is. Anybody got any ideas?”

Just look at this thing in action:

Our guess is maybe because their first attempt to replace feet looked like a Bowflex trying to hug your knees:

Shine on, you crazy Japanese multinational conglomerate.


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