Honest Trailers Tangles With ‘Super Smash Bros.’, AKA Nintendo’s Hunger Games

“From the company behind the Wii, and the other Wii, comes a series full of cute childhood nostalgia that you can pound the living sh*t out of: Super Smash Bros.” So goes the newest Honest Trailer, which was unusually positive about how great the series is, whether you want a precise fighter or you just want to smash the buttons like an angry macaque (or a little of both?). And hey, Super Smash Bros. is the only chance you’ll ever have to make Yoshi poop Samus off a cliff.

And here’s perhaps my favorite part, completely out of context:

“Raise your hand if you knew who Shulk was before Smash. Congratulations. You are now Japanese.”

Stay tuned till the end for the perfect new names for several characters (even that creepyass Villager), and we fully co-sign renaming Pikachu “Down+B”. Cut that sh*t out.

The only thing missing was a reminder that Duck Hunt Dog is playable in the current entry to the series. Finally, vengeance will be ours.

Previous honest game trailers:

Via Smosh Games