Honest Trailers Tackles ‘Man Of Steel’ (Through A Skyscraper)

Well, you knew it had to happen and now it has — Honest Trailers has tackled Man of Steel. I actually liked Man of Steel, but look too close at the movie and things start to get pretty weird. For instance, you don’t really notice all the product placement when absorbed in the moment, but if you’re actually looking for it, it’s pretty ridiculous. No superhero battle should ever culminate in a Sears parking lot. Just no.

Check out the Man of Steel Honest Trailer below…

So yeah, speaking of Man of Steel being weird, the real story of the movie is Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner both being terrible fathers, right?

Crowe’s Jor-el somehow manages to be both an absentee father and a helicoptering guilt-tripper at the same time, and Costner’s Pa Kent is some weird sociopath who actually gets mad as his son for not letting a bus full of kids drown, so surprise surprise, Superman ends up being this guy who secretly kind of hates the people he’s compelled to “help” and can dismiss countless collateral deaths with a shrug. It’s a pretty complex character actually, or at least it would be if any of this subtext was intentional, which almost certainly isn’t the case.

via Uproxx Clip Nation