Honest Trailers Takes A Hammer To ‘Thor’

Because I’m a big dweeb, er, I mean a very important geek culture blogger I watch pretty much every superhero movie that comes out, but somehow I missed Thor when it was in theaters. Everyone spoke pretty highly of the movie though, so I watched it as soon as it hit Netflix Instant, and uh, I’m not sure what everyone was going on about. That part where Thor breaks the dishes in the restaurant was pretty good I guess! And uh, Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman were in it. Other than that, it was half goofy sitcom, half rainbow bridge, “What is going on? What are the stakes here?” nonsense.

What? Hey, the Honest Trailers guys agree with me!

Oh man, the number of Mario Kart jokes I made while watching this movie. Seriously, ask my girlfriend — I was insufferable.

via Uproxx Video