Honest Trailers Uses Detective Mode On ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’

It says a lot about Batman: Arkham Asylum that the most cutting remark Honest Trailers has for it is that Detective Mode is overpowered. This is a game where they were so dedicated to getting it right, they had one guy work on Batman’s cape for two years. Of course it’s great. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tropes in play.

Actually, there are two mean things: Smosh also complains about the Riddler Trophies, but those things didn’t become an annoying pain in the bat-tush until Arkham City, where there were 400 of the damn things, and finding them all was the only way to finish the Riddler’s side quest. The climax of that particular trophy hunt should have been Batman locking the Riddler into a chastity belt he can’t take off until he finds all 4,000 Bat Trophies scattered across the planet.

Anyway, enjoy as Smosh breaks down Batman beating the mentally ill into a coma and mocking the fact that nobody thinks to take the Joker somewhere there isn’t an enormous pile of supervillains to unleash. Because surely this time, that will end well!