Hop Aboard The Wayback Machine: Morgan Freeman’s Vampire Bath Song

07.28.10 8 years ago

The week after the San Diego Comic-Con is always a ridonkulously slow news time, so let’s do what needs to be done whenever the news cycle slows down: chug Vicks 44 straight from the bottle find a classic clip of Morgan Freeman taking a bath in a coffin, while singing.  Luckily, there are literally thousands of clips like that. Literally.  Okay, just one.  It’s below, and nothing I say can prepare you for the sight of Morgan Freeman playing Dracula on The Electric Company.

If the first video isn’t strange enough for you, there’s a second video of Vlad Freeman being interviewed by some guy who I’m not 100% sure isn’t Harvey Milk, to whom Freeman confesses his love for vanilla malts.  This is very educational.

[We’re going halfsies on a vanilla malt with io9 for finding these.]

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