The Horrible, Life-Threatening ‘Cotton Ball Diet’ Is Surging In Popularity Again

Kids are pretty stupid. I think that’s a statement that most of us can agree on, and thanks to the Tweeters and the Spacebooks and the Pinstagrams, the end is nowhere in sight for how much dumber we’re all going to get. But if you want a great example of what rock bottom might look like, you can look no further than the popular story of the spreading popularity of flesh-eating heroin or this week’s resurgence of what the kids are calling the “cotton ball diet.”

As a means of losing weight, young girls are dipping cotton balls in various fruit juices or smoothies and ingesting them to trick their stomachs into thinking they’re full. This horrible “diet” trend has been talked about for years, but it seems that it’s rising in popularity with younger people who might not be aware of how dangerous and even deadly this idiotic practice can be.

Dr. Ovidio Bermudez, the chief medical officer at the Eating Recovery Center in Denver, said he agreed that downing synthetic cotton balls is similar to eating cloth, or even buttons or coins. Beyond the risk of choking and malnutrition, the practice might lead to an obstruction of the intestinal tract, a trapped mass called a bezoar, said Bermudez.

“The most common causes of bezoars are swallowing indigestible matter like hair or too much vegetable fiber. Cotton balls could certainly create similar problems,” Bermudez said.

Over time, the cotton balls could build up and create several blockages or a full obstruction. Either of these conditions could be life-threatening, Bermudez said. (Via ABC News)

As any dog owner who has ever pulled the cotton filling of a stuffed toy or a shoelace from a dog’s b-hole will tell you, it’s a pretty scary and gross moment. So thinking about what it might do to a human’s digestive system is rather alarming as well. But let’s allow a medical expert to be a little more scientific about it.

Here’s a fun idea – how about instead of creating panic and terror on news programs over these ridiculously stupid practices, we just have adults and parents start talking about how awesome the cotton ball diet is so kids will immediately stop doing it? Then we can pretend like we’re trying to stop kids from trying math and science. Call me crazy, but this might just work.