Horse Meat Found In IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs

02.25.13 2 Comments

Here’s a great way to start your week on this fine, post-Oscars Monday morning: those delicious little Swedish meatballs you’ve been eating whenever you go to IKEA. Well, HORSE MEAT!

Reports the AP:

The Czech State Veterinary Administration said that horse meat was found in one-kilogram packs of frozen meatballs made in Sweden and shipped to the Czech Republic for sale in Ikea stores there. A total of 760 kilograms (1,675 pounds) of the meatballs were stopped from reaching the shelves.

Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson said meatballs from the same batch had gone out to Slovakia, Hungary, France, Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland. Magnusson said meatballs from that batch were taken off the shelves in Ikea stores in all those countries. Other shipments of meatballs were not affected, she added.

With this latest round of horse meat news (Burger King came prominently before it) I’m starting to sense that people are over their initial disgust and seem to be turning toward favoring horses be used for human consumption.

And never forget that the greatest thing the Oatmeal ever did was argue in favor of eating horses over riding them. Sorry, Barbaro!

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