Hostage Taker Updates Facebook During 16-Hour Standoff

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No, the screengrab below is not something we’re including in the next Facebook Fail-Log. That’s an actual post from Jason Valdez, who might have discovered a new low in social media.

Valdez took a hostage and engaged in a standoff after police tried to arrest him on a felony drug warrant. You know, because taking a hostage over a crime that would get you five years, max, is an awesome idea. Then again, Valdez has been in front of the court before, usually on assault charges, so this guy wasn’t winning any intelligence awards before he went into this standoff.

Valdez put up six updates and added a dozen new friends, and even replied to people telling him what a dumbass he was being.

Ultimately, it didn’t end well: his Farmville crops withered, nobody would answer his polls, and, oh yeah, the cops stormed the room and Valdez shot himself in the chest. He’s currently in critical condition. The hostage is OK. And if you’re into atrocity tourism, here’s his Facebook profile, complete with whiny relatives insisting he’s a good boy and racist dolts trolling.

Hooray Facebook?

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