MoonPie Dunked On Hostess Over Who Is The Official Snack Cake Of The Eclipse, And People Are Loving It

Shutterstock/Moon Pie/Hostess

Happy 2017 solar eclipse day, everyone! This rare, once in a lifetime event (that hasn’t happened since 1776!) is pretty much all anyone is talking about today — from where the best places to watch it are, to why you shouldn’t stare directly at it, and how you can safely photograph it without trashing your camera. So it only makes sense that brands are trying to get in on the eclipse game, with many businesses offering special food deals for the day.

It’s also never been a better day to be a spherical-shaped food, which was not lost on Hostess, as the snack company took to Twitter on Monday to declare its Golden CupCakes to be “the official snack cake of the eclipse.”

There’s just, uh, one problem with that, as MoonPie pointed out with a succinct, five letter burn:

Hostess came back with an #actually olive branch, but name aside, its debatable whether two graham cracker cookies sandwiched with marshmallow and dipped in chocolate officially constitutes as a snack cake, pie, or something else entirely. (Is this going to be the new “is a hot dog a sandwich debate?)

MoonPie has yet to come back at Hostess with a “ThERes eNOugh moOn tO go ArOUNd” mocking SpongeBob meme (oh please oh please) but it’s safe to say that the rest of Twitter is squarely on #TeamMoonPie here.

Meanwhile, everyone is pretty much leaving Cinnabon out of it: