Hot British Chick Cast in “Powers”?

As you may have heard, FX is going to be producing a TV pilot for “Powers”, Brian Michael Bendis’ series about cops dealing with superheroes. And it’s racing along right in development, with casting proceeding apace. That includes the lovely Lucy Punch, at right.

In addition to having an awesome name, you probably know Punch as the chick the sleazy lawyer was banging before they were both gruesomely murdered in “Hot Fuzz”. And she’ll also be in “Bad Teacher”.

“Powers” is actually coming together pretty interestingly: it looks like FX wants “The Shield” only with superheroes, which could work within the confines of the comic. Of course, it could turn into “Law and Order” with superheroes, but for now, we have faith.

[ via the casting police at Deadline ]