The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This ‘Hot’ ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant

On Monday night’s episode of Jeopardy, a New York City bartender and aspiring filmmaker named Tom came sashaying into the CBS studio and forever changed the perception of what it means to be a “real life 5.5 and a Jeopardy 9.” From what I gather from those who saw the episode, Tom was very good at having a chiseled jawline and catching glimpses of his own reflection in the cameras… but not much else.

During the “Final Jeopardy” round, when asked to identify which 1984 blockbuster had been the first music CD ever mass-produced in the United States, Tom blew his second-place lead with $8,400, thanks to this non-answer:

“What.” No question mark, no punctuation… just “what.” It’s not like they asked him to name the first French astrophysicist to have successfully launched a rocket or anything like that. Name a damn popular song from the mid-’80s, for f*ck’s sake! At any rate, the combination of Tom’s dashing good looks and abundance of indifferent confidence effectively won the heart of the internet, and Twitter has been a glow since he came into our lives; despite it being for all too brief a time.

(Via Jezebel, E! Online)

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