Hot Toys Deploys Agent Coulson In Their Usual Creepily Perfect Sculpt

You would be forgiven for thinking that this is Clark Gregg, but it’s not. It’s his action figure, courtesy of the Chuck Testa of the collectible world, Hot Toys.

We’ve pointed out Hot Toys’ nearly creepy ability to capture actors’ likenesses before, but this is their usual stunning work. Hot Toys, for those unfamiliar, is a shop based out of Hong Kong who largely work in making pop culture figures. They’re known for high prices and exacting accuracy and life-like sculpt work. If there’s an argument for action figures as art and/or a waste of money that at least looks pretty, it’s their figure.

Here’s the figure with all its accessories:

And, yes, there is one of him holding the gun:

There’s no word yet on pricing, but you can’t generally get something from Hot Toys for less than $200, so you might want to start saving those No-Prizes.