‘When You Motherf*#kers Get Vaccinated’: House Republicans Are Being Torched For A Tweet Complaining About Having To Wear Masks Again

Time really is a flat circle, which means that we’re back where we started in terms of this pandemic: with Republicans complaining on social media about mask-wearing mandates.

This week, the Centers for Disease Control reversed its earlier indoor mask policy. While the organization has always recommended that at-risk and unvaccinated individuals continue to wear protective gear indoors, it was recently deemed safe for vaccinated individuals to forego mask-wearing indoors. Now, however, the CDC is cautioning those who have been vaccinated against going maskless, saying they should be wearing face-coverings in places where COVID transmission has begun to rise again. The reason for this change in messaging is fairly simple: too many people are refusing to get vaxxed which means more dangerous variants like the Delta strain are spreading unchecked, and breakthrough infections are happening. Because of that, we’re not achieving herd immunity as quickly as we should.

Basically, it’s humanity’s own damn fault, but that kind of acknowledgement of personal responsibility in this crisis failure just doesn’t sit well with the House Judiciary GOP. The group’s official Twitter account took to social media to use it’s platform to troll the new CDC mask directives, which sounds almost as bizarre as it actually is:

You’d think with the ongoing investigation into the Jan. 6th insurrection happening, and more and more cases of COVID being reported in red-leaning states, GOP officials would have different concerns than to use a government account to spread doubt and mistrust in the scientists trying to conquer this pandemic. But look, if they’ve got time to complain about wearing a piece of cloth over their nose and mouth again, then Twitter will find the time to absolutely drag them for it:

This is not the “Deja Vu” Olivia Rodrigo sang about, people.