How Ladies Spend Time On The Internet

Guys, if you’ve ever wondered what ladies do on the Internet all day long, the wonderful Jenna Marbles — the genius who made that amazing “How to trick people into thinking you’re attractive” video — has made a video to enlighten you, to peel back the curtain, if you will, to reveal some of what goes on over in the mysterious world of humans equipped with vaginas.

So what do they, the ladies, do on the Internet all day?

Basically the same things guys do. They watch cat videos, look at gifs on Tumblr, browse Twitter, scratch their heads over some dude’s dong looking like a boomerang in a porn clip while laughing at another guy’s “dangly ballsack,” etc. Oh, but there is something that they do that we don’t: Gripe about their thongs making their buttholes itch, which is something we dudes never have to worry about — with the exception of middle-aged politicians and CEOs, of course. Anyway, Jenna Marbles is adorable and funny I’m kinda crushing on her hard right about now, and I think you will be too after watching this.