How I Remember It: Almost Historically Accurate Pop Culture Photoshops

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Ever find yourself looking at old timey photographs and thinking how much more interesting they would be if Robocop had been there? Me too. And now there’s a Tumblr for that!
Curated by illustrator Jon Defreest, the same guy responsible for the Jack Donaghy for Mayor campaign, How I Remember It is a Tumblr blog dedicated to inserting pop culture icons into vintage photographs where the source material is vaguely related to what’s being shopped in, therefore making boring old photos exponentially more bad ass and almost historically accurate. Until Al Gore invents a time machine are we really in a position to disprove that Robocop wasn’t a member of the 1938 Detroit Police Force? I think not.
Here’s a sampling of the most well done and almost historically accurate images on the site.
Source: How I Remember It

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