Here’s How A Computer ‘Grinch’ Stole Tons Of Money From Plymouth Teachers After Christmas

Christmas is terrible. First, Neil deGrasse Tyson tried to make us all worship the atheist god Isaac Newton, then a Florida man almost burned down the ICU when he and a patient tried to smoke crack cocaine. Now it looks like a not-so-slight computer error withdrew thousands of dollars from teachers’ bank accounts in Plymouth, Massachusetts instead of paying them. According to WCVB:

Instead of receiving their paychecks via direct deposit on the day after Christmas, Plymouth Public Schools workers awoke Friday to find that the amount they were to be paid had instead been withdrawn from their bank accounts. About 1,300 workers were affected.

Superintendent Dr. Gary E. Maestas sent an email to employees saying the issue was caused by human error.

The “human error” left many checking accounts thousands of dollars in the red because, you know, teachers make so much money. Those greedy bastards are practically swimming in the stuff:

“We have hundreds of banks associated with these accounts, and right now we are calling each, informing them of the situation and asking that they return the funds,” [Melissa] Arrighi said.

Maestas says some banks, including Bank of America, Citizens Bank and Santander, won’t make corrections until Monday, the next business day.

According to Arrighi, 704 debit deductions have been reversed by Saturday, while 591 deductions remain.

At least everyone will get their money back in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the annual event at which most teachers spend all of the hard-earned money on booze and parties. No wait, that’s everyone else because teachers don’t have that kind of money to begin with. My bad.

(Source: WCVB)