‘How To Wear A Man’s Shirt’ Is The Sexy New Planking Replacement

On New Year’s Eve, a guy posted a thread on Reddit titled, “Men of reddit, do you find it sexy when girls wear your clothing?” One of the replies included this sarcastic picture. From there, the picture circulated on Tumblr, with men adding their own iterations of how to wear a man’s shirt, and a sexy time was had by all. The pictures were compiled by Criminally Obsessed, and we have them collected here as well.

Now we have something to declare as the replacement to planking. Granted, we’ve also categorized cone-ing, horsemanning, owling, stocking, batmanning, and Tebowing as replacements for planking. That’s because we really, really want something to replace planking. Anything. An expired box of Triscuits balanced on a cat’s head. Pictures of the other guy from Wham! photoshopped into Congressional meetings. Or even guys seductively demonstrating how to wear a man’s shirt. Anything to put an end to this madness.

[Much plaid-flannel-ensconced love to Criminally Obsessed and gingerhaze for the assist. Sidenote: if anyone has pictures of cats balancing Triscuit boxes on their heads, please send them to me. THIS IS IMPORTANT.]

Oh man, this one’s almost perfect.  All it needs is a box of Triscuits.