Howard Stern Thinks He Knows Why Donald Trump Went On That Bonkers Late-Night Social Media Rant About Him

Over the weekend, Donald Trump launched into a seemingly random late night rant about Howard Stern, who used to frequently interview the reality star before he inexplicably became President of the United States. While Trump’s tirade focused on Stern’s recent declaration that he’s proud to be woke, the shock jock has a good idea what Trump is really mad about.

“I never, ever thought anyone would care that I’m saying this,” Stern said (via Mediate) about his woke revelation. “It shocks me how the dumbest sh*t that I talk about becomes somehow news. It’s weird.”

However, that dumb sh*t was noticed by Trump, and Stern has a theory that somebody was jealous of the attention.

“My thought was — What? Imagine you got to be the 45th president of the United States and you’re sitting and writing about Howard Stern. Whether he’s woke,” Stern said. “You know, all of a sudden Trump saw me being discussed on all his conservative media things and he got charged up. And I’m disloyal? I stole the excitement for a minute or two.”

Trump also accused Stern of losing his friends, which also isn’t true. Despite having beef with Bill Maher last week, Stern revealed that he and the HBO host talked things out over the weekend. Crisis averted.

“I said to him basically at the end of the conversation, ‘I think what you do on HBO is so important.’ It was it was like the Writers Guild. We reached a tentative agreement,” Stern said. “So we’re back on on good terms.”

(Via Mediaite)