Howard Stern Will Remain At SiriusXM For A Very Long Time, According To His New Contract

Howard Stern famously once said that “I was so completely f*cked up” before settling into his current satellite radio groove, and it sure looks like that groove won’t even end for him until… retirement time? Maybe. Stern’s currently 66 years old, and he’s been at Sirius XM for fifteen years. He’s now extending his tenure by re-upping his SiriusXM contract, which is a transaction that should take him all the way to 70 years old and beyond. One can’t sniff at that kind of job security, especially in a world that’s on fire.

Hollywood Reporter reveals that Stern signed onto another five years before his current five-year deal ends at the end of December, and yes, Robin Quivers is sticking around, too. There’s no word on how she’s faring, but he could be pulling in $120 million per year. That’s a bonkers sum to behold, and it sure sounds like Stern has zero complaints whatsoever, as he relayed on Tuesday morning:

“Fifteen years ago, I joined SiriusXM, a fledgling group of broadcasters. I had been in a toxic relationship with terrestrial radio. And no matter how well I treated the medium, no matter how successful I made them, they abused me. Going to SiriusXM liberated me. I felt like Tina Turner freeing myself from Ike.”

Stern’s presence certainly helped volley the satellite radio business to where they’re at now, and yep, pretty much every new car is equipped for SiriusXM these days, so it sounds like things are working out for the “fledgling group of broadcasters.” Stern’s also thrilled about working from home, and he can’t wait to see what he’ll have to say about “Metamucil crackers and stepmom porn.” Yes, that’s probably coming. Stern also paid tribute to his crew and Quivers, while joking that they’re “[l]ike Sonny and Cher, Captain and Tennille, Charles Manson and Squeaky Fromme… Robin, will you accept my rose and dare I say, should you forgo your individual room, will you join me in the fantasy suite?” If that $120 million annual figure is correct, he’ll be able to buy all the suites.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)