Huge Accident During The Spider-Man Musical Last Night

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UPDATE: TheNYTimes has a video of the fall, and there’s a video after the jump.

The performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark ended abruptly last night when the actor who was playing Spider-Man fell “approximately 30 feet” into the stage pit after a cable snapped.  So not only are they rewriting the script, but they’re also dropping actors three stories off the stage.  But the show must go on? Must it?

The actor’s name has not been released [UPDATE: it was Christopher Tierney], but what is known is that a 31-year-old man (who may just be invincible from the sound of this) was taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital Center, and he was “awake and talking.”  The EMTs did not use a back-board and collar (so no spinal injury is suspected), and the actor did try to stand up after the fall but was told by stagehands to stay still.  He was not the usual star of the show Reeve Carney, who is performing the role only a few times a week now due to the physical demands (we’re assuming “physical demands” is code for “does not want to die”).

Update 12:45 AM: We’re told via a stagehand that this was NOT a flying sequence and that Spider-Man was NOT supposed to drop at all. He was supposed to run to top of the ramp as if to jump with the lights then set to go to black. The cable that snapped is what stops him from going over the edge, and that is what failed. He then fell approximately 30 feet. [BroadwayWorld]

That Julie Taymor sure knows how to put on a show. In all seriousness, condolences to the people (at least four so far) who’ve been injured on this stage just to get a shot at acting on Broadway.  No jokes here, the people in charge of this play need to keep these actors safe. After all, with great power comes great responsibilAHHHHH! *falls into orchestra pit*

After the jump is the video that I can’t get out of my head whenever I hear about this musical injuring another actor.  “We’re going to need another Spider-Man.”

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