Everybody Relax, Hugh Hefner Is Not Dead, Just The Victim Of The Internet’s Latest Death Hoax

After an article with the suspicious-looking url “nbctoday.co” went viral over the weekend — proclaiming Hugh Hefner was dead of natural causes at the age of eighty-eight, amassing nearly 300K Facebook shares and 2,500 tweets at the time of this writing — people were naturally losing their sh*t. The article stated:

Police responded to a call around 9 a.m. PDT and confirmed Hefner’s identity from other residents of the Playboy Mansion, Gardner said. Police are not releasing a more specific cause of death at this time. “We’ll have to wait for an autopsy report for an official cause of death,” said Gardner. “From what I have heard Mr. Hefner was in good health for an 88 year old man. With no signs of foul-play we are left to believe his death was of natural causes.”

You’d think most eagle-eyed readers would have been able to spot the so-called “news” article as bullsh*t by the way “88 year old” in 88-year-old man was not properly hyphenated, but somehow the article still managed to fool hundreds of thousands of people.

But everybody just calm down, because Hugh Hefner is not dead. See? As proof, both Hefner and his wife, Crystal Hefner, posted Twitter evidence that the rumors of Hefner’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated on Twitter late last night.

So while the day that Grimmy comes calling for Hugh Hefner may not be terribly far off, that day has not come yet. Now we can focus on what’s really important, like what Hugh Hefner thought of American Sniper. I don’t go to see any movie until I know what the octogenarian, Viagra-pounding demographic thought of it first.

(Hollywood Life via BroBible)