Hugh Jackman Joins Neill Blomkamp’s Robot Sci-Fi ‘Chappie’

Hugh Jackman taught us that if the bar ain’t bendin’, then you’re just pretendin’. Next he’ll be teaching us a different lesson in District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s next film, Chappie. Based on Blomkamp’s short film “Tetra Vaal”, the film will star Sharlto Copley as an artificially intelligent robot stolen by two gangsters who want to reprogram him. Did we mention the two gangsters will be Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja of Die Antwoord? And Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman are in unannounced roles? THIS HAS EVERYTHING.

Hugh Jackman announced his casting in Chappie at the Zurich Film Festival during a press conference for Prisoners (video here). Bleeding Cool has a theory on who his character will be: “From what little extra info I have, it would seem that Jackman is playing a CEO who ends up on the wrong side of the gangsters. He’s apparently quite a resourceful character, though…”

Well, at least he’s not making robots punch each other in an attempt to win the admiration of his estranged son. That would be ridiculous…

In a recent interview, Neill Blomkamp said there’s no sociopolitical element to Chappie; the film will be about sentience. He adds that the film “would be like RoboCop, but hilarious.” We’re going to interrupt this quote to point out RoboCop already was hilarious. Blomkamp continues, “If you mixed Robocop with E.T. and it was… funny, that’s what it is.” We mixed RoboCop and E.T. one time. He put on a flowery hat and told us to be good and stay out of trouble. It wasn’t particularly funny.

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