Hugh Jackman And James Mangold Are Working On Another Wolverine Movie

Just this weekend we were watching a Call Of Duty: Ghosts trailer directed by James Mangold (The Wolverine). And now, on the same day the game is siren calling us away from productivity, Deadline reports Mangold is negotiating with Fox to write a treatment for another Wolverine movie. Hugh Jackman is already on board. He might just have to scream about it. Geez, get a journal, Logan.

This comes after The Wolverine played very strongly overseas, enough to now sit as the second highest grossing X-Men film of all time. The film has grossed $413 million worldwide, with $132 million domestic and $280 million in international revenue. [Deadline]

The second-highest gross? You know what that means, Hugh Jackman. Time to get back in training and take a screaming, claws-out run at the top spot. If the bar ain’t bendin’, then you’re just pretendin’.