Humpday Mashup Dump: E.T. Sequel, Predator the Musical, etc.

Today’s mashup dump is a bit different in that we don’t have as many videos as usual, but the videos make up for it with awesomeness.  The first video below is — no exagerration here — the most technically skilled mashup I can remember ever seeing. (Disclaimer: I drink a lot. There I many things I don’t remember, like where my clothes are and your dad’s phone number even though I promised to call after.)
Robert Blankenheim made the first video, a mashup of several movie scenes plus some After Effects work to make a horrifying sequel to E.T. that includes some of the original cast members all grown up. ET-X: Extinction stars Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Morgan Freeman, and Bruce Willis as they deal with an invasion of evil, fanged E.T.’s with the aid of the original E.T. who is siding with the humans.
Jon and Al Kaplan, the same guys who made the Conan musical and many more, released their final (noooooooo) Schwarzenegger musical.  The second video below is their smash hit single “If It Bleeds We Can Kill It” from Predator: The Musical.  The last video is a mashup of Enemy Mine and Brokeback Mountain, which syncs up a little too well.
[Banner picture via HeyOkay, inset picture via my nightmares.]

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