This Giant Huntsman Spider Chilling In A Bag Of Salad Will Make You Swear Off Greens For Good

This Aussie made quite the horrifying discovery of what he identified as a very large and very much alive Huntsman spider in a bag of “pre-washed and ready to use” Italian-style Salad Mix. Thankfully, he seemed to have noticed the creature before opening the bag. The salad was purchased from Woolworths, an Australian-based grocery-store chain, that interestingly enough issued a lettuce recall the day this video was posted. However, the recall was for salmonella — not giant, terrifying nightmare spiders crawling around in the bags.

My only question is what did they do with the bag of salad after they found the spider? I guess returning it to the store is an option, but personally I wouldn’t rule out a flamethrower or dynamite. Either way, it sure brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “you don’t win friends with salad.” Burgers 4 lyfe.

(Via Foodbeast)

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