‘Hyrule Warriors’ Lets You Wreck Shop As A Giant Version Of One Of Zelda’s Killer Chickens

Hyrule can be a dangerous place, but one threat stands a head above the rest. I’m of course talking about Zelda’s accursed chickens (or cuccos as they’re called in the games). Nothing, not even Ganon himself, is more dangerous than a pack of pissed off chickens.

Japanese gamers have just discovered that the latest Hyrule Warriors DLC pack includes a secret, unlockable giant chicken fighter. All you have to do is get an S-rank on any stage as Ganon, and you’re ready to unleash feathery mayhem. You can check out some graphic Zelda cockfighting action in the video at the top of the page.

The DLC that includes the giant chicken hits North America on March 12. All we need now is a playable version of the pigs from Wind Waker

Via Kotaku