I Choose You Poke-Pumpkin!

Finally a pokeball that gives you some idea of the pokemon inside! Get in the Halloween spirit with these amazing carved pumpkins by Deviant Art user Joh-Wee.
Some of these pumpkins, the Moltres and Blazing Rapidash in particular, are absolutely astonishing. The shading is far better than I would have thought possible. I Check out some of my favorites in the slideshow or view all of Joh-Wee’s pumpkins here.

Pikachu by Joh-Wee

Moltres by Joh-Wee

Wings of the Heart by Joh-Wee

Lucario by Joh-Wee

Umbreon by Joh-Wee

Charizard by Joh-Wee

Mewtwo by Joh-Wee

Blazing Rapidash by Joh-Wee

Mew by Joh-Wee

Lugia by Joh-Wee