Sir Ian McKellen Has An Important Message For The LGBT+ Community In The Wake Of The Orlando Shooting

There has been a gargantuan outpouring of support for the LGBT community following the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Sir Ian McKellan was just one of many celebrities who joined in Pride London’s #NoFilter campaign to encourage the LGBT community to express who they are every day of the year. And his message is powerful.

“The world needs us,” the openly gay actor and LGBT activist says in a newly released video. “Live every day like it was Pride in London.”

The campaign is a twist on the common Instagram hashtag indicating that a photo is unaltered. Pride celebrations have often been compared to release valves for gay communities, allowing those who identify as LGBT to fully express themselves away from the judgement of straight society. This new campaign asks “Why can’t you live that way every day?” with the tagline “Pride has #NoFilter.”

In the days since the shooting in Orlando, public figures have staged tributes and regular citizens have hosted events calling for change. Even some prominent Republican Party members have had a change of heart (though, honestly, not enough of them) following the attack.

(via Mashable)