Meet The Idaho Huntress Who’s Upsetting The Internet With Her Big Game Kills

The media is on high alert for big game hunters after the sad fate of Cecil the Lion at the hands of AWOL dentist Walter Palmer. Zimbabwe has now thrown down an indefinite ban against big game hunting in the area where Cecil was lured and killed (although the rest of Africa is a different story). Another American medical professional is also wanted in Zimbabwe in connection with illegal lion hunting. These hunters now feel hunted, and the internet doesn’t feel too sorry for these guys.

A lady has joined the ranks of the few and proud. The so-called “Idaho Huntress” shamelessly posts photos of her big game kills on social media. Sabrina Corgatelli achieved trending Facebook topic status. She refers to herself as the Italian Huntress on Instagram where her profile description reads, “Africa bound in July!!!” So, Corgatelli probably didn’t plan her swift rise to internet fame in correlation with the newly prominent lion hunters. Of course, she’s probably basking in the attention all the same.

Corgatelli truly enjoyed her trip to Africa. She wrote about her second day of hunting when she killed the “amazing old Giraffe.” In this photo caption, she expresses “the love and appreciation I had for my giraffe!! #huntlikeagirl”

Her Instagram commenters were not impressed by her expression of love for the animal.

Corgatelli has posted several other big-game photos all over social media. She’s proud of this impala just like with all her other kills.

One of her “favorite animals” in the world is this kudu.

This “beautiful blue wildebeest” serves as another notch.

An endless stream of animals continue, including a crocodile, a warthog, and more of the giraffe.

P.S. Sabrina took great care to get her “Africa nails” done before the trip.