Idiots On Facebook Blame ‘Mass Effect’ For Sandy Hook Shooting

One of the unfortunate inevitabilites of a national tragedy is that stupid people will get together and be stupid. And a whole, whole bunch of stupid people decided to appear on Mass Effect‘s Facebook page and blame the game for inspiring bloodthirst.

To give you an idea of how stupid this is, the morons we’re about to show you came to the Mass Effect page because Ryan Lanza, the brother of actual shooter Adam Lanza, was incorrectly identified as one of the perpetrators. And Fox News did what they did and blamed video games and Facebook.

So, they went to his Facebook page, saw he liked Mass Effect, which is a video game, and started getting stupid on its Facebook page:

The sad thing is that this person was not weighing in on the Sandy Hook shooting. They’re a Krogan still pissed off over that stunt the Salarians pulled.

Yeah, BioWare. You need to think carefully about how realistic you make your game about humans in spaceships fighting cyborgs with the assistance of psychic aliens.

Yeah, that whole “blow up the Collector daycare” mission was a bit tasteless.

I just want to emphasize that this is the first thing you see when you come to the Mass Effect Facebook page:

It’s one thing to not do your research. It’s another to not look, at all, at the actual page.

And here you thought the Reapers weren’t already overly self-righteous.

There are always going to be people who blame video games for, well, everything. But is it too much to ask them to not be this dumb?

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