The Internet Is Reacting Harshly To A Doll That Looks Nothing Like Idris Elba

11.13.18 6 months ago


November has been a huge month for Idris Elba. He was named the sexiest man alive. He opened a fancy tropical bar so he always has a place to DJ. And for a short time, he had a doll depicting his likeness. Or at least the likeness of somebody famous who was supposed to be him.

Earlier today, British doll company Emperis released images of an Idris Elba doll to commemorate his title of sexiest man alive. The doll sported jeans, a vest and a sports coat slung over its shoulder. It also didn’t really look like Idris Elba at all. The internet quickly tore the image to shreds, evoking great Internet moments like the times we all first saw statues of Lucille Ball and Cristano Ronaldo.

Here is a collection of tweets with people pointing out other celebrities that look more like the doll than Elba.

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