If Facebook Were Invented In The '90s

Sometimes I find myself getting nostalgic for the nineties and the days of my youth, but then something like this video parodying what Facebook would have been like comes along and reminds me how much that decade sucked. I then quickly conclude that youth is overrated.

My issues aside, the video (after the jump) is really well done, almost perfectly capturing the craptastic look and feel of the decade when it came to technology and instructional videos. There are also a ton of subtle shots taken at Facebook and the 20th century, equally. I’m not sure if they meant for me to infer that Alf ate Fluffy, but that’s what I choose to believe. And can someone get the Zuck on these sound effect improvements A-F’N-SAP? The timeline change audio needs to happen like yesterday.

And, as an added bonus, here’s what Twitter would have looked like…

YouTube via Buzzfeed