Witness ‘Star Wars’ Throughout History In ‘If Star Wars Were Real’

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“What if Star Wars were real?” is the question posed by ISWWR, who have a site full of evidence that the battle between Jedi and Sith may, indeed, be a secret part of our history. Extensive photoshopped totally real pictures like the one above show a bit of this secret history. ISWWR members also muse on day-to-day life on Earth if Star Wars were real:

“Jawas would run every used car lot.” – Andrew Marzka
“A new comedy series on TV would be called How I Met My Sister.” — Mark Seely
“Your microwave would constantly remind you it is well versed in over six million forms of communication.”
“The World Series would have a new meaning.” — Andrew Martin Hogsten
“Mustafar would have been covered with signs reading: WARNING: LAVA” — Bryan Patrick Stoyle
“Windows Vista wouldn’t be any better.” — Mark Seely
“George Lucas would be broke.” — Andrew Martin Hogsten
“Mom would be living in MY basement.”
“There wouldn’t be much ‘celebrating’ at Star Wars conventions.”
“People would dress up in t-shirts and jeans at conventions.” — Miriam Tait-Walters

Our favorite pictures from If Star Wars Were Real are collected below. Backstories are available at the link underneath each photo. Thanks to Jeff for the assist.

The Droid Army of Chihuahua

“What had been labeled by the FBI as the Babushka Lady has been clearly identified by ISWWR investigators as the aged bounty hunter & part cyborg, Dengar.”

landspeeder on the moon

We should have known Palpatine was an oil man. He drank all our milkshakes.

“This photograph of what looks like the actress, Jayne Mansfield, may actually be the Human Replica Droid, Guri, impersonating the actress while on assignment for the Black Sun. The Black Sun symbol is clearly “tattooed” on Guri’s back as shown in the photograph above.”

Bridge Over The River Jawa

“ISWWR investigators have come across several photgraphs linking Frank Sinatra to the Bith music group, The Modal Nodes!”

The King’s Royal Guards

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