IKEA Releases A Sleek New Desk To Remind Us We Spend Too Much Of Our Lives Sitting

Recently, IKEA unveiled its latest adjustable standing desk, a sleek piece of machinery called the BEKANT. While it probably does motivate some people to ditch their clunky, old fashioned sitting desks, it mostly reminds others, aka ME, that I’m a freaking sloth who spends a good chunk of the day on her lazy butt, hunched over eating day-old pizza and clicking through viral videos.

I get it, IKEA, I should be healthier! I should aspire to be as in-shape as those beautiful, heavenly creatures known as the Swedish! (I’ve been to Stockholm and yes, they’re all gorgeous there.) I should adopt this whole ergonomic idea!

Now, if only someone would lend me $500.00… I’ve got day-old Chinese takeout I could trade?

Below, watch a stylish, oh-so-IKEA ad for the BEKANT.

Via The Verge