I’m applying to be social media coordinator for the Washington Redskins

Well my jaws on the floor. Pretty much my dreamjob opened up with a football franshise that is as well run as it is named. The Washington Redskins are a team that I like to talk about alot because there pretty much a soap opera with RG3 (more specificaly General Hospital).

If you think there is anyone more qualified then me to run the Redskins social media account your a idiot. Legend has it that Native Redskins use to tweet at each other using smoke signals untill there was a war because this one Redskin was stealing content without doing a h/t (headdress tip) and then it all went to hell. I am a student of history if you cant tell allready, I want to bring that same bloodthirsty savage agression (no offense) that we use to have before we got too PC about everything. I will start twitter and facbook fights with every other franshise in the NFC and I will put wierd footporn picks all over Rex Ryans pintrest board- thats my solemn promise to you.

I believe firmly that I am qualified to tweet from the Redskins oficial twitter account as long as I end every tweet with “-Redskins (no offense).” This whole faux outrage about the name would go away literaly overnight.

PLEASE NOTE FROM THE SCREEN GRAB- The Redskins are a Equal Opportunity Employer. 

I subtlety showed that I have a bit of football knowlege myself there. You need to have some intelligents about what the company does as a whole if your going to interview for it.

Never went to college. Didnt need to. Hitler went to college.

You know who didnt went to college? Jesus.


I have many many refrences if you want to check them. There all legitimate and many heavy hitters in the DC media like one guy who got fired from the show who had Rob Ford on to make football picks a coupla times.

The bottom line is I will work harder then anyone else on the team. I will be first in the office tweeting “Rise and grind” to Kirk Cousins at 3:00 AM and last out tweeting “Your to drunk to drive, get a cab” to DeSean Jackson at 2:30 AM. I

You remember when SportCenter did “dream job” and it was like a bunch of guys they found at the plasma center trying to talk into a camra while the chick from sportsnight did phone sex in their earpieces to distract them? Well this is like my “dream job.” Here are my promises and DAY 1 actionable items that are shovel ready:

– Violentley respond to EVERYONE whose saying that the Redskins should change there name . I will turn the teams offical twitter account into William Wallace leading the charge. You want to see a warroir poet? Wait til you see me tweet this:

Now Im not so sure I should be giving away my branding strategy, but your talking to the person who helped destroy Darren Rovells brand. Talk about beating someone on there home turf, something the Redskins could probly use some help in this year.

– I will activley undermind Robert Griffin III using the Redskins offical twitter account. Ill RT every tweet Captain Kirk Cousin’s puts out there and I will manually RT every @RGIII post:


And I guarentee that brand engagement will go up across the bored. I will turn the “Washington Redskins” brand from the most popular in the NFL to the most popular in the world. If you have any questons comments or concerns please contact me directly. Thanks and God bless,.