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08.20.10 8 Comments

Rob Innes and Dan Piazza built their first submersible personal watercraft twelve years ago, and now run a company called Innespace, which sells the They’re still working on a model that can also do barrel rolls.  DailyMail reports it takes a team of seven people three months to build one of these, and they’ve sold nine so far with another 31 on order.  Here are some other numbers: eight, fourteen, eleventy, twenty-nine, and:

A 260 horsepower engine pushes the Seabreacher X through the water at 50 miles per hour on the surface and 25 mph when it’s diving. That means it has enough speed that it can jump a whopping 12 feet into the air when it gets going. Those aren’t the only big numbers here: they cost upwards of $100,000. [DVICE]

There’s video of it being awesome below (with completely appropriate music).  Also, I made this:


[More pics at Toxel.]

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