Image Adds New Books By Every Comic Writer You Have Ever Loved

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10.19.12 4 Comments

Image wants all of your money, and they’re really not picky about how they get it as long as they get it, apparently.

The company has announced new books from Jonathan Hickman, Andy Diggle, Howard Chaykin, and Matt Fraction, and this is in addition to the Kieron Gillen book we already told you about. This is in addition to the books announced at San Diego Comic Con, by the way. Really, they just need to add Rick Remender, Jeff Lemire, and Scott Snyder, and they’ll get pretty much all our money, every week.

So, who’s working on what?

  • Hickman and Nick Dragotta (FF fans rejoice!) are working on East West, a sci-fi Western about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse hunting down the President. Yes, that’s the plot summary.
  • Hickman is also writing and drawing Feel Better Now, a graphic novel about psychiatrists screwing with their patients.
  • Chaykin is turning out Midnight of the Soul, an SF noir about alternate universes.
  • Diggle and Jock are reteaming for a crime epic called Snapshot, which has as its moral “never pick up a hitman’s cellphone.”
  • Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are writing a book called, seriously, Sex Criminals.
  • Fraction is writing and Chaykin is drawing Satellite Sam, a book about a murdered children’s show host that was inspired by a blurb about Chaykin’s warped erotic noir Black Kiss that Fraction read when he was twelve. Yeah, he’s essentially been working on this book for two decades.

One more book stood out: Lost Vegas, by Jim McCann with Janet Lee on art, which is described as “Ocean’s 11 starring Han Solo.”

Really all I have to say is:

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