Improv Everywhere Set Up The ‘Indiana Jones’ Boulder Chase Scene In Central Park

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We posted the picture above in August, and now we have more context (as if we ever needed it). Improv Everywhere set up this joke as part of their Movies in Real Life series. They’ve done similar movie gags in the past based on Ghostbusters and Star Wars. This time they recreated the boulder chase scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in New York City’s Central Park.

Jeff Miller, dressed as Indiana Jones, ran through Central Park with a replica golden idol as a boulder operated by Ilya Smelansky and Dave Szarejko chased him. The chase ends — Where else? — at a museum.

If you’re wondering how they built the boulder, there’s a behind-the-scenes video here. Or you could just roll around in newspapers, flour, and water and hope for the best.

For future reference, please don’t walk into any crowded public building in New York City and hold up something metal while yelling, “This belongs here.” Dude’s lucky he didn’t get tased.

[Sources: Laughing Squid, Improv Everywhere, and Humans of New York.]

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