Bad Lip Reading Breaks Down Exactly What Donald Trump Said To Barack Obama On Inauguration Day

Donald Trump has a distinct style of speaking — just ask Alec Baldwin — making him an easy target for Bad Lip Reading. The YouTube channel first covered the current-president in 2015, after the Republican Party debate in Cleveland, Ohio, and hasn’t backed down since. The latest video, “Inauguration Day” (which was on January 20, not January 21), begins with Barack and Michelle Obama meeting Donald and Melania Trump at the White House, when the new First Lady gifted the previous FLOTUS with a box of pretzels, and ends with Donald warning Barack that his kids made him a shiv and he’s not afraid to use it. Other out-of-context highlights include:

-“You suuuuuuuuck.”
-“I’m important. You want to be me, don’t you?” (Guess who said that.)
-“Are you wearing a big-boy shirt?” “Yeah, I prolly never will again.”
-“Together, we will build a bar in rural Connecticut. And we will make it a bar with a nanny. And we will make it a bar called Brown Lady. And we will make it a bar that has stuff in it. And extra good leather.”

Now that’s something all Americans can agree on: build that bar!

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