An Incredibly Racist Sign ‘Thanking’ Africa For AIDS And Ebola Is Causing Controversy In Nebraska

An unidentified man in the town of Minden, Nebraska caused a stir earlier this week when he posted a sign that read, “AIDS, Ebola, Obama, Thanks Africa.” According to KSNB, mayor-elect Ted Griess convinced the owner to take it down just hours later, but not before its picture made rounds on social media.

“It was so large and it was coming into the community alongside the highway and, as the mayor-to-be, I didn’t want that type of image to be portrayed in Minden, Nebraska. We’re called the Christmas City,” said Griess.

Griess, local officials, and residents all voiced their distaste for the sign. One interviewee made reference to free speech, but nobody came out in full support of the sign’s message.

Even so, I can’t help but wonder why exactly Minden is known as the “Christmas City.” According to the town’s website, it’s because of the Kearney County Courthouse’s annual holiday lights display. Yet I’m beginning to think Nebraskans call Minden the “Christmas City” because of (a) the snow, (b) the white people, or (c) both.

Source: KSNB