Everyone’s Talking About The Inflatable Chicken With Trump Hair Behind The White House

Something is afoul in DC. Both Washington and Twitter were clucking Wednesday over the mysterious appearance of a chicken sporting Donald Trump’s signature hairdo. The very big bird popped up just beyond the President’s own back yard, visible next to the White House.

If the fowl looks a little familiar, it’s because these birds have been showing up all over the world. But though most observers are calling it a Trump chicken, it’s actually a Trump rooster. Back in January, several outlets reported that because the Chinese New Year and the U.S. inauguration were so close together, a fusion of the two took hold in the public imagination. This is the year of the rooster, and the year of President Trump. And thus a giant, inflatable rooster with golden hair and tiny, emoji-like bird hands was born.

The roosters are manufactured in China by Caile Inflatable Products Co. and look an awful lot like a statue at a Shanxi shopping mall designed by Seattleite Casey Latiolais. He said of the resemblance between bird and man that, like a rooster, Trump “likes to tweet at or around sunrise, and if you take away the fact that roosters are kind of loud and self-absorbed, then I think you can start drawing similarities that way.” The Trump rooster quickly took off in China, and then it came to San Francisco for a demonstration that demanded Trump disclose his tax returns. Since then, other manufacturers have taken up the idea, and now you can get them at different sizes and price points from all sorts of vendors. It was clear that the Trump rooster is a migratory bird.

But back to the one that’s currently in Washington, staring down Donald Trump as we speak. It’s clear someone who isn’t a fan of the president is behind the rooster’s appearance, though their identity and motives are still a mystery. None the less, Twitter is taking note.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out like the end of Ghostbusters. We’ve seen what happens when a towering Stay Puft Marshmallow Man wrecks havoc on Manhattan. Now just imagine the fire and fury of Trump Chicken coming to life and running loose on the National Mall.

(Via Reuters, Slate & Buzzfeed)