‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Makes With A Whole Bunch Of Superhero Fights

Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming in April, and as a kid who grew up reading DC, I kinda can’t wait.

Warner Bros. has been baiting nerds with a series of videos showing the fights in the game; you vote on two characters, and then you see how the vote plays out with a gameplay video.

It’s actually been fairly interesting because we get a strong sense of how the game works. Here are all the videos posted so far, and what we can glean about the game from them.

Bats and Bane square off in what appears to be this game’s version of the Watchtower. It’s a nice touch that the environmental combat literally brings down the house, and it’s interesting that Batman has a lot of ground based combos (notice that mix of slide kicks that he uses to end Bane).

Harley and Wondy squaring off in Arkham. Of particular interest is that character seem to interact with the environment in different ways: Harley doesn’t have the strength to bash Diana with a chandelier, so she uses it as a platforming element instead.

Also, those are some pretty lengthy animation times for those harder hits. And it looks like they are limited the Bats rogues gallery on this one: If Croc, Riddler, Penguin, and others are locked up in Arkham they’re probably not fighting, although this game seems to operate more on Rule of Cool rather than logic.

If nothing else, the Metropolis level really emphasizes just how much continuity porn is in this game: The final “arena” in the Superman museum had something like a dozen references to Superman across all media. Too bad we don’t see Supes in this area, though.

Also, you kind of have to wonder how the Joker was even walking upright after be slammed through a dozen floors of a building.

In a lot of ways, this is the best video because the Flash and Shazam has pretty different fighting styles from the other characters we’ve seen. That M. Bison-esque attack Shazam has is particularly entertaining. Also, it’s a nice touch that there’s a little Alex Ross-esque graffiti behind the Ace Chemicals truck.

Apparently Aquaman has some of Mera’s powers in this game’s continuity. But the juggles he deploys look pretty interesting; he might actually be a good “utility” character.

Apparently Hal has developed a weakness to wood in this continuity. Grundy seems a solid, Zangief-esque fighter, though, and it’s a cute touch that the tombstone he uses as a blunt object has his real name on it.

That said, either that’s Luthor’s underground lair or Cadmus is in this game.

It’s a pretty exhaustive look at this game: Let us know what you think in the comments.