Insane Possessed Woman Growls, Then Attacks Confused Man On A Public Train

It’s unclear why the person who took this video was filming this woman in the first place — first seen nonchalantly digging around in her purse and then looking at her phone — other than that maybe she had previously displayed some weird ass behavior and the person had a feeling some sh*t was about to go down. And go down, the sh*t did.

Within seconds the young woman’s eyes bug out of her head and she starts rolling her neck around and growling, before pouncing on the man seated to her left, attacking him, and starting a fight in the middle of the train car. Instead of filming it, I would have probably just done the safe thing and hurled myself off of a moving train, but that’s just me.

Whenever something like this surfaces, people can’t wait to be the first to proclaim FAAAAAKE!, and while fake it may be, according to the Huffington Post, a spokesman for the Edmonton Light Rail Transit stated that both the man and woman were in fact ticketed.

That’s right, this sh*t went down in Canada. Staged or real, I don’t even KNOW what the hell to make of that.