Insane Tinder Girl To Jewish Suitor: ‘Unfortunately, Hitler Didn’t Get Rid Of You’

02.13.15 3 years ago 41 Comments


Our friends over at BroBible came across this lovely 20-year-old criminal law student named Marwa. Marwa knows exactly what she wants in a man, and if you don’t meet her very specific criteria, then F*CK YOU. See, one does not simply “text” Marwa, and for someone who notably specifies in her Tinder profile that she’s looking for someone who is “not a racist,” she’s oddly quick to wish that your entire people had been exterminated by Hitler for attempting to contact her the wrong way.

You know what, I’ll just let Marwa take it from here.





This is an excellent point, and one I was thinking this entire time. I mean, has Marwa ever even heard of an apostrophe, or does Marwa just not have time for apostrophes?



WELP, HE WASN’T LYING. Welcome to internet notoriety, Marwa. Pro tip: Now might be a good time to deactivate all of your social media accounts and call your mom.

(BroBible via Barstool Sports)

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