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99 Hilarious, Ironic And All-Around Strange Church Signs [Uproxx]

Feel free to watch internet porn at the library [Uproxx]

Facebook announces new features for users to whine about [UproxxNews]

Americans don’t care about the royal wedding as much as I care about those two corgis [WarmingGlow]

Doing it Right, Doing it Wrong: The Week in Posters [Filmdrunk]

NBA Round-up: The Knicks Are Done [

The top 10 movies people lie about having seen [Filmdrunk]

The NFL Takes Its First Step Towards A Return [TSS]

South Park doing The Human Centipede [Filmdrunk]

Best Newspaper Correction Ever [Buzzfeed]

Wait, Seriously, Who Directed That? [UGO]

Every Secret Ingredient in Iron Chef America [CollegeHumor]

This cat hates exercising as much as I do [TheSmokingJacket]

The Best Cartoon Mascots in Breakfast Cereal History [EgoTV]

9 best-selling video games that aren’t all that good [Guyism]

Our Heroes: The 5 Highest Blood Alcohol Levels Ever Recorded [CoedMag]

VIDEO BELOW: If you can’t afford a motorized wheelchair, just check your garage. [via SayOMG]

[Pictures via SofaPizza and HellYeah]

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