‘Instagram’s Biggest Playgirl’ Is Here To Give Dan Bilzerian A Run For His Guns And Money

“Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” Dan Bilzerian meets new weekly heights of dude-bro ridiculousness on his Instagram page. Girls sort of want him, and guys wouldn’t mind being him, but it takes a lot of (possibly dirty) money to get ladies to hang out with you and pose like this. Plus, there’s so much effort involved in staging a presidential campaign when throwing porn stars off roofs swallows a great deal of the schedule. Allowing for the occasional professional poker game and STD lawsuit leaves no room for leg day. Dan Bilzerian may very well be exhausted.

Luckily, there is a lady in the house, and she’s willing to pick up the Bilzerian slack. This Bilzerian copycat may not have all the weed in the world, but she knows the essential ingredients for a Bilzerian cocktail — guns and babes. Meet Aimee Davison, a model and LOLPervs hostess, who took it upon herself to recreate the Bilzerian lifestyle. She enlisted some male models to recreate some of the most iconic Bilzerian tableaus, and her Instagram page tells the tale of debauchery.

Not to mention the hilarity. Take this comparison shot, for example.

Aimee also found inspiration from this Bilzerian classic.

This new version is even more appealing, don’t you think?

Take this bit of heart-shaped ridiculousness where Bilzerian claimed to have knowledge of nothing but that he “did have sex at sea.”


Then gender-bend the photo into oblivion, and witness the superiority.

Davison is not only a lover, but a businesswoman at heart, just like Dan Bilzerian. As such, she created a behind-the-scenes video to show us the process of becoming Bilzerian. (This video is very NSFW for boobs and butts.)

(Via BroBible)