Instead Of Throwing Out Your Christmas Trees This Year, Let Some Goats Eat Them

As of today, people all over the country are probably dragging their Christmas trees to their curbs, some of the firs still covered in tinsel and the hooks of ornaments that were smacked to the ground by the tails of excited dogs. Other people might be a little more “sneaky,” throwing the trees back in the woods from whence they came, and some of us might have been looking forward to today as the opportunity for a big, old backyard fire. The point is that a lot of Christmas tree corpses are on their ways to landfills or places that they don’t belong, and in either case that means we’re looking at some huge fire hazards.

Fortunately, a volunteer fire fighter in Nevada has come up with a new, better and much more adorable plan for disposing of these decorative trees, as Vince Thomas is encouraging people to donate their trees as food for local goats. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Thomas said that he and the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District previously had the idea to use goats to eat hazardous weeds, so it only makes sense that they’d use the farm critters to chow down on our forgotten holiday dreams.

And while it sounds a little strange at first, just watch the goats go to town on a tree in this video. You will immediately want to know where your nearest goat farm is.

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