‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy’ Dan Bilzerian Skips Leg Day And The Internet Shames Him


“Instagram’s Biggest Playboy,” Dan Bilzerian, must be busy these days. He has an official day job as a professional poker player. In his spare time, he throws porn stars off roofs, parties with your wife and plans his U.S. Presidential campaign. Not to mention all the time it takes to maintain his luxurious beard. Dude has priorities. These priorities do not include Leg Day.

The composition of the above photo is remarkable. There are three bored ladies, one of which is taking a selfie. Then there’s Dan and blazing white sneakers, which should distract you from the fact that he’s simply standing there, claiming to hold 200 lbs: “The Iron never lies, girls may come and go, but two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.”

The comments call Dan out: “Somebody’s always forgets leg day!” and “My bro is 13, he has better legs than #danbilzerian. Damn leg day skipper you made my day.” These reactions would be cruel under normal circumstances, but anyone who’s ever browsed Dan’s Instagram profile could never feel sorry for the guy.

For whatever it’s worth, Dan fired back with an Instagrammed jet ski picture: “Yea I got skinny legs, but I got big d*ck, your GF don’t mind. #BirdLegs”

In related news, The Rock does not skip leg day, and The Rock is easily 1000 times more respectable than Dan Bilzerian. Sadly, The Rock is not running for president like this guy.

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